Frank the Tank

Frank started playing drums when he was nine years old. From that moment on, he knew he wanted to play every day and make music for the rest of his life. When the House Music was in full bloom in 2008, he started performing DJs at the age of 22. The input of his percussion instruments immediately turned to the party audience. Frank Cruise Terminal, Hollywood (Rotterdam), Rex, Musk (Hilversum), Millers (The Hague) and Beachclub Bloomingdales (Bloemendaal) were able to add references to its growing list at a rapid pace. Through his innovative rhythms and complicated solos, Frank became a household name in many tents. His unique talent to fill all styles of house music is adored by many DJs. Frank the Tank was not for nothing at Dance at the Park festival, Intense Festival, ParkBeats Dance Festival, Summer Dreamers Festival, Hed Kandi and Extrema Solar Weekend.